Your new home is more than a set of blueprints — it’s where you’ll be making your future memories, it’s where you’ll come home to each night, where you’ll want to be on weekends, where you’ll celebrate future milestones, host dinner parties, or raise a family. It’s a place that will bring comfort, joy, and many years of pride and satisfaction. 

And to us, building homes that are affordable, beautiful, and long-lasting is about much more than blueprints, too. That’s why for three generations, we’ve honored the craft of homebuilding, passing down the tradition to each new generation here in the Central North Carolina area. And as our family grows, so do the families of our clients, who have stuck with us for generations, too! 

Our passion comes from knowing that we’ve helped families in our area build homes that have integrity, and which are built to last. Our standard of uncompromising quality along with the excellent customer care that’s rooted in the personal relationships we build with our clients… these are what form the vision of who we are at Fortis Homes. And it’s why we can wholeheartedly promise an enjoyable experience for you during the the homebuilding process, and an end result that transforms a house into a home.